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Many people think of very attractive people in designer clothes when they think of models. Modeling agencies are used for a number of different purposes other than this sort of fashion modeling. Whenever you see a photo of a person in a magazine reclining in a designer chair that is a prime example of modeling at work. A modeling agency will target a variety of different demographics for several different reasons. People who look to get into modeling usually contact a modeling agency.


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The modeling agency can help find them work and help them build a portfolio that opens up new doors for them. The only real difficulty in being a model is having an open schedule. Going to casting calls for modeling agency gigs can take a lot of time out of one’s schedule. If you plan on modeling, you should have reliable transportation ready as well. It’s not uncommon for a model to have to travel thirty or more miles to reach a photo shoot they have booked.


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A modeling agency can be found through the internet and local directories such as the yellow pages. A good modeling agency will help you to develop the skill set necessary to make your career in modeling very lucrative. These agencies will often ask for a picture to get you into their system. They will pass the picture around to jobs.




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The agency usually only gets paid by collecting a commission after the job has hired you. Modeling Agency work usually consists of a few calls throughout the week with jobs that you can either accept or reject once you have gotten solid footing in the industry.

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The hardest thing about working as a model with a modeling agency is that the pool of work you have to select from is very limited. Most of the big fashion and advertisement companies have a trusted modeling agency that they call when they are looking to hire someone.

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A modeling agency will definitely have competition, so it’s a good idea to be persistent and build a portfolio of repeat business if you plan to be successful.



If the casting call is for Asian males 18 to 26, for example, the modeling agency will usually send that casting call to every single male in their database that fits those parameters. The biggest benefit to a smaller modeling agency is that there will be less competition. Keep in mind that you will still be competing with other people for the job, as many businesses often call multiple modeling agencies to assign the right person.

This is a creative decision that often has very little to do with looks, so it’s important not to get discouraged if your first few auditions are rejected. The larger agencies will usually have a much bigger pool of work to select from. Some of the bigger modeling agency jobs will often pay thousands. These are frequently nationwide casting calls that include airfare, food and hotel arrangements. These jobs are hard to get, but they offer a myriad of benefits including the ability to travel.